We ask schools to consider this analogy when choosing the right surf coach/school for your group. Who is more suited to run an effective lesson, the student learning how to be a good teacher or the master/professor. If you want a master coach in the water working with your group then you've come to the right surf school.

Proven track record and experience makes the big difference to the safety and fun of a group surfing lesson. Specific effective coaching details are built into the Archysurf program leading to the best experience possible for students.

Group lessons require real surfing and coaching experience, this serves well when reading surfing conditions and matching group dynamics to suit. A lot of these surf schools use what we call guides and call them coaches. The lessons are unorganized with students scattered everywhere, causing unnecessary collisions and are less effective. On top of this they lack the understanding in technique that makes a huge difference to students success and safety.

Consider this, not all waves are the same and definitely not all white wash waves are the same. There is subtle variants in the shape/type of white wash waves that make the difference to safety and the success of a student standing up. Archysurf applies true knowledge down through the ranks of coaches, true surfers with real experience for good judgment in subtleties (such as reading and choosing the correct wave for students to surf on).

Head surf coaching Luke Archibald is in the water on every lesson, he personally oversees the lessons to ensure things are running at the best possible quality. This experience is particularly crucial when it comes to reading things before they happen, not after. The Archysurf team has this experience and the best local knowledge of the beach possible.

With a combined 100 + plus years of real surfing and coaching experience (head coach + assistant coaches), your students are in the best safest hands possible with Archysurf.

If you're looking for the right surf school to run a fantastic surfing experience for your students, you’re on the mark. Archysurf has a modern approach to group surfing lessons for students and teachers of all ages and competence to enjoy. Archysurf group lessons build group camaraderie, rise to new challenges and enjoy learning to surf in a safe environment with professional expert coaching. Located on beautiful Phillip Island with excellent equipment including soft beginner boards and wetsuits, archysurf provides everything to make your surfing experience stress free and fun. Archysurf caters to small and large groups with our professional accom partners and tailored approach, the complete surfing package to suit your group need. World class (safe) learn to surf beach combined with the best quality of service, maximise the time to fun ratio with archysurf.

Archysurf coaches are very experienced with a minimum of level 1 surfing Australia qualification. Archysurf school has a excellent track record, head surf coach Luke is not just your average surf instructor/guide, he is a real talented surf coach and surfer with a passion (some say gift) for running high quality fun surfing lessons.

Always willing to go the extra mile to ensure excellence, some of our 2019 clients include: Trinity Grammar girls and boys school, Wodonga Middle school and boys college, westpac banking group, Beijing Youth Travel Services, Outbeyond NZ/AU… the list goes on.

Archysurf is the chosen surf school provider for Outbeyond NZ and The Island Accommodation Phillip Island.

What sets me apart is real authentic experience in all areas of group surfing lessons, this is why my clients and their students always come back. I understand the whole process a school goes through from pre organisation, accommodation, transport to the beach and running a fantastic lesson every time. I’m in every surfing lesson to ensure all students are safe and having the best experience possible - Head coach Luke Archibald (Level 2 Surfing Australia Qualified, coach State to and National Surfing Champions)

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